Resolution Updates: Week 1

First week of the New Year down, and here’s how I’m doing on my January resolutions:

  • Finances – organize and file receipts

I haven’t started a filing system yet, but I have saved my [important] receipts and put them in one place, so that’s a start. My plan is to sit down on Sunday and get my files set up.

  • Housekeeping – put laundry away as soon as it’s done

I was doing pretty well with this when I was doing laundry on the weekend, but then I did a couple loads during the week and they didn’t get finished until the morning and I didn’t have time to put them away before work. They are at least folded in the laundry basket, and they haven’t left the laundry room yet, so at least they haven’t created a pile in the bedroom. I’ll get to them as soon as I’m done typing this.

  • Health – get a primary car physician

Haven’t done this yet, but I was reminded yesterday that I need to. I actually went to get an MRI done (more on that later), and when I was doing the paperwork, the intake worker asked me about my primary care physician, and I proudly told her that it was my goal this month to get one!

  • Fitness – Don’t complain when it’s time to go to the gym

Going back to work and going back to the gym at the same time has made this difficult, but I’ve been ok with this. I have made a point to avoid complaining, although I did cut one of our workouts short, although in my defense we got there late and spent more time on the weights than we had expected, so by the time we were ready to do cardio, it was time for bed, and I do not mess around with bed time. There’s a workout group starting at work, too, so that will help. (Also, my little sister is doing super well with hitting the gym and losing inches, and I will NOT let her look better than me at my wedding!)

So after a week, I haven’t been perfect, but these goals are all about being attainable, and I can definitely complete these by the end of the month.