Resolution Updates: Week 1

First week of the New Year down, and here’s how I’m doing on my January resolutions:

  • Finances – organize and file receipts

I haven’t started a filing system yet, but I have saved my [important] receipts and put them in one place, so that’s a start. My plan is to sit down on Sunday and get my files set up.

  • Housekeeping – put laundry away as soon as it’s done

I was doing pretty well with this when I was doing laundry on the weekend, but then I did a couple loads during the week and they didn’t get finished until the morning and I didn’t have time to put them away before work. They are at least folded in the laundry basket, and they haven’t left the laundry room yet, so at least they haven’t created a pile in the bedroom. I’ll get to them as soon as I’m done typing this.

  • Health – get a primary car physician

Haven’t done this yet, but I was reminded yesterday that I need to. I actually went to get an MRI done (more on that later), and when I was doing the paperwork, the intake worker asked me about my primary care physician, and I proudly told her that it was my goal this month to get one!

  • Fitness – Don’t complain when it’s time to go to the gym

Going back to work and going back to the gym at the same time has made this difficult, but I’ve been ok with this. I have made a point to avoid complaining, although I did cut one of our workouts short, although in my defense we got there late and spent more time on the weights than we had expected, so by the time we were ready to do cardio, it was time for bed, and I do not mess around with bed time. There’s a workout group starting at work, too, so that will help. (Also, my little sister is doing super well with hitting the gym and losing inches, and I will NOT let her look better than me at my wedding!)

So after a week, I haven’t been perfect, but these goals are all about being attainable, and I can definitely complete these by the end of the month.

Resolutions: Baby Steps

The She-Hulk Diaries (the inspiration for the title of this blog) starts off with Jennifer Walters making her New Year’s Resolutions, except she decides to give herself some extra time and make Valentine’s Day Resolutions. I’m going to follow suit and do something slightly unconventional; I’m going to make monthly resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions typically fail because people make them too large, and because they’re supposed to last all year, once you miss going to the gym once or have one debaucherous night you think, “Oh well, I screwed that up, I guess I’m going to have to wait until next January 1st to make myself a better person.” Instead of setting myself up for failure, I am going to set myself up for success by resolving to take baby steps to achieve my goals.

There are four areas I want to improve upon: finances, housekeeping, health, and fitness. Each month I will choose one aspect from these areas that I can work to improve, and we’ll see where I am at the end of the year. So here are my January Resolutions.


1) Finances – Organize and file receipts

I just bought a new car (yay!) and while cleaning out my old car, I found so many receipts that I had just thrown in there…seriously, there were SOOOOO many! I know I need to get a better handle on all of my receipts to track what I’m spending, where I’m spending it, and what I’m spending it on. Not to mention it will make tax time a lot easier.

2) Housekeeping – Put all laundry away as soon as it’s done

I don’t mind doing laundry, and I LOVE the way it feels and smells straight out of the dryer, but I HATE putting laundry away. It’s not like it takes particularly long to do or that it takes a lot of energy, I just don’t do it. Right now we have piles of clothes on the floor and I can’t tell which are clean and which are dirty, so I just end up rewashing everything (which isn’t good for the clothes, the environment, or my water bill). If I can spend a month putting the laundry away when it’s done, hopefully it will become a habit.

3) Health – Get a Primary Care Physician

This one will make my mother happy. Ever since I outgrew my pediatrician I haven’t had a primary car provider. I’ve always just gone to urgent care when I’ve gotten sick, but I know that I need to take better care of myself, especially since I’m almost 30 and looking to start a family soon. It’s time to start focusing on preventative care instead of just reactive care and getting a regular doctor is the first step.

4) Fitness – Don’t complain when it’s time to go to the gym

The Man and I have been pretty good about getting to the gym regularly, but most of my motivation comes from him dragging me there. Every time he says, “We’ve got to go workout.” I flop on the bed and throw a tantrum like a small child (and he still puts up with me!). I know going to the gym is necessary, and once I’m there I feel better about myself, but if I can have a better attitude about it before we go that would probably motivate me to go more often or go when he’s not there pushing me.


So those are my resolutions for January. Baby steps!