Ahsoka Tano

Name: Ahsoka Tano


You hold that lightsaber however you want, girlfriend!

Fictional: Yes

Universe: Star Wars

Bio: Ahsoka is a skilled Jedi padawan assigned to Anakin Skywalker. She fights in the Clone Wars. She is clever, swift, and very headstrong.

Why I have a crush on her:

I have to give credit to Star Wars: Clone Wars; they do an awesome job of addressing sexism and feminism by not addressing it at all. Nobody ever points out differences between men and women, or treats either gender differently than the other, particularly in the Jedi Order. Women give commands same as the men, and the response is the same regardless of gender or alien species.

My favorite of the characters in Clone Wars is Ahsoka. As Anakin’s padawan she picks up a lot of his “bad” habits such as following her instinct and speaking her mind, but she does it always to protect others and complete her mission, unlike Anakin who often gets distracted by his relationship with Padme. Overall I think The Clone Wars is an excellent series, and almost all the characters are far more likeable than they are in the movies (except for Jar-Jar…he just sucks always). I haven’t seen Star Wars: Rebels yet, but as soon as I saw that she was in it, I knew I would have to!

Plus Ahsoka uses a reverse grip on her lightsabers, which is totally cool!

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