C.J. Cregg

Name: Claudia Jean “CJ” Cregg

cj cregg

Claudia Jean is the Jackal!

Fictional: Unfortunately yes

Universe: The West Wing

Bio: C.J. Cregg begins her career in the Bartlett administration as the Press Secretary, but later goes on to be the President’s Chief of Staff.

Why I have a crush on her:

I’ve recently been binge watching The West Wing, and I have been reminded how much I love Claudia Jean. She’s snarky and quick-witted and she doesn’t take crap from anyone, including the President. She’s also an incredibly real character; she struggles (rather unsuccessfully, in fact) to find a work-life balance, she has complicated romantic relationships, and she can lip-sync with the best of them! My favorite quote from C.J. comes from an interaction she has with Josh in the episode 3.17 The U.S. Poet Laureate

[C.J. is mad at Josh for posting to the message board of a Josh Lyman fan web site]

C.J. Cregg: If they discover you’ve been there, I’m going to shove a motherboard so far up your ass… What?

Josh Lyman: Well… technically, I outrank you.


Ultimately, it’s her incredible ability to remain (mostly) calm under pressure that makes C.J. Cregg a crush-worthy woman!

Did I get my fiance a sexist present?

When I first started dating The Man, I have to admit that I was a little off put when I went to his house and it seemed like everywhere I turned there was another “hot girl” in the form of scantily clad superheroines. I found the most offense with the DC Bombshell collection he had, not because those girls were the most provocative but because he had spent considerable amount of money on them; it was literal objectification of women.

So for Christmas this year I bought him the Catwoman Bombshell* to add to his collection.

Why on earth would I buy him one of these statues when a year ago I viewed them as instruments of misogyny?

1) I’m more secure in our relationship.

I fight against the idea that women have to fit a certain mold to be socially accepted as beautiful because it’s the right thing to do. I also fight against it because I am insecure that as an overweight woman, I do not fit that mold, and even if/when I lose the weight, I will still never look like these bombshells…no one will. So when I first saw them, my immediate thought was, “Is this what he wants me to look like? He knows that’s never going to happen. Is this his ideal woman?”

A year later, we are engaged and have an awesome and secure relationship. I know he loves me for who I am and my appearance is part of that.

2) He thinks I look like that.

Ok, not entirely (I mean, his vision is bad but it’s not THAT bad), but sometimes he tells me that a statue, picture, or character reminds him of me. I physically do not look like these women, AT ALL, and yet he still finds me attractive. And attractiveness and sexiness isn’t all about appearance. One thing that all these statues exhibit is a confidence in these characters, and confidence is always sexy regardless of physical appearance.


Are you seeing double?


I mean we’re practically twins!

3) He admires them.

These statues aren’t designed for men to ogle and jerk-off to; there’s plenty of free stuff on the internet for that. If you spend the kind of money to buy one of these figures, it’s because you genuinely appreciate the art that goes in to the crafting of the characters and the crafting of the statues themselves. The Man doesn’t say, “Look at the hot girls I’ve collected.” Instead he points out the details and explains why he loves the characters.

4) It makes him happy.

That’s what giving is about; making people happy!

Is sexism still an important issue especially in regards to comics? YES! Women are made into secondary characters and sexualized way more than men, and we need to continue to fight for respect and equality, but if I can admire Loki for his charisma and cunning (and looks), then he should be able to admire Catwoman for the same reason.

*This link is to Amazon, but I purchased the statue at our favorite local comic shop.  Support small businesses!

Birthday/Star Wars Recap


It has been a whirlwind of a week. Went to see the new Star Wars movie, and I enjoyed it! I had a few issues (mostly the same thing everybody else has said; it might be a bit heavy handed with how much it draws from the original) but overall it was really good!

Then Saturday was my [last of my 20s] birthday! The man got me Disney Infinity with Ahsoka! Anakin was also in the set and he got me Luke and Leia, but AHSOKA IS MY FAVORITE! And my dad got me an RC car since I complained about not getting one in my last post, but he didn’t just get me ANY RC car; he got me Luke’s landspeeder! I also got several Funkos, some Star Wars Covergirl Makeup, a beautiful bracelet, and some wine! I’m really lucky to have an awesome group of friends and loving family!

Ok, enough with the exclamation marks. I’m realizing that the above paragraph makes me seem rather materialistic, and I’m not going to fight that accusation because the fact is that I do have more things than most people probably do, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to be showered with a lot of things for my birthday. All I really wanted was to get to spend quality time with my friends and family, and I got that, too! (Sorry there was another exclamation).

So the man and I spent most of my birthday day getting ready for our Star Wars themed party. When I throw a party, I tend to pick a theme and then come up with a punny menu for it. I read somewhere that you should stop throwing themed parties once you turn 30, so I’ve got one more year! I also found another blog devoted to throwing Star Wars parties, which was awesome (and I used the soda labels). Check them out at Maythefourthbewithyoupartyblog.com

So here was our menu:

The Cantina

  • Lightstirrers (glow sticks as stirrers)
  • Yoda Soda
  • Darth Pop
  • Ahsoda Tano
  • Blue Milk (white Russian with blue food coloring)
  • Han Solo Cups

Darth Meal

  • Bantha Meat (pulled pork)
  • Boba Fettucini
  • Hoth Dogs wrapped in Coruscant Rolls (pigs in a blanket)

Admiral Snackbar

  • Dark Side and Light Side chips (in awesome bowls that we bought at our local comic shop)
  • Chewwie Bars
  • Qui-Gon Gingerbread Cookies
  • Oatmeal Reysin Cookies
  • Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolates
  • Death Star Cake
  • BB-8 and Tie Fighter Cake Balls

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Yoda Soda and Darth Pop labels are available here.

And my favorite item was the salsa. I couldn’t come up with any puns for it so I wrote “Someone left the 7 Leia Dip on Alderaan…oops! Please enjoy this salsa instead”. It was a lot of fun, and I made cake balls for the first time, which was more successful than I thought it was going to be (and I have some ideas for how to make it better the next time).

The next day, on Sunday, my parents took me out to my favorite seafood buffet! My fiancé and sister, who both dislike seafood, weren’t there so I got to have a date with my parents. Lately I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with my parents without everyone else around, so it was kind of nice to get that time with just the three of us.

We celebrated my birthday one last time on Monday when we went to a tasting with our caterer for the wedding. The food was amazing! Although I’m nowhere near ready, July 1st can’t get here soon enough!

I realize I didn’t really air any grievances, but Happy Festivus everyone!

Rey (Spoiler Free)

Name: Rey


Rey leads Finn away from the explosion (and gives him crap for when he tries to take the lead).

Fictional: Yes

Universe: Star Wars

Bio: Rey is a scavenger fending for herself on the desert planet of Jakku.

Why I have a crush on her:

It’s hard to describe why Rey is awesome without revealing too much about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and since I don’t want to have any spoilers, this is going to be pretty bare-boned. We knew that Rey was going to be the hero of this new movie based simply on the artwork; she’s been front and center on all of the posters. I’m happy to say that she didn’t disappoint. She is strong, confident, and truly a good person.

If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, do it soon…I don’t know how long the internet is going to be able to keep spoilers away from you. And if you are living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, you can use the code GEEKYODA to get $2 off a ticket to see the movie in IMAX 3D at the Virginia Air and Space Center.

Lake Bell

Name: Lake Bell

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 11.06.42 PM

Meet the voices behind those movie trailers

Fictional: Nope

Universe: Hollywood

Bio: Lake Bell is an actress, writer, and director originally from New York. She got her start (at least I first saw her) as the sidekick in a couple of romantic comedies. Recently she’s appeared in some goofy adult shows, Children’s Hospital and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. She’s also done serious work such as this year’s No Escape. In 2013 she wrote, directed, and starred in In A World…

Why I have a crush on her:

I had seen Lake Bell in various roles here and there. She was one of those actresses who I would recognize but I couldn’t tell you her name or what I had seen her in before. That was until I saw In A World…

In A World… is a brilliant movie that Bell wrote, directed, and starred in. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but it centers around a group of voice actors who are all vying for the same part. Voiceover work is something I’ve always been interested in, so I geeked out over that, but more importantly this movie tackles issues of how women’s literal voices are used to drown out their figurative voices.

Lake Bell created an amazing movie that has quickly become one of my favorites. She handles issues of feminism and empowerment without being preachy. And the relationships that are portrayed are so real and raw that it sometimes feels uncomfortable (especially with Demetri Martin) but that’s part of its charm. If you get a chance to see In A World… I highly recommend that you do. And hopefully Lake Bell will continue making quirky, charming, female driven movies!

Star Wars Weekend Plans

I’m so excited for the new Star Wars movie! I know the rest of the world is too, but I’m even more excited because my birthday is the next day!

Having a birthday close to Christmas can majorly suck. I’ve always had to deal with birthday presents wrapped in holiday paper, or being told “pick which one you want to open as your birthday present”, or getting two crappy presents so that my cousins didn’t feel jealous (which they wouldn’t have) about getting only one present. I remember one year I got some pajamas and nail polish while all my cousins got RC cars. I totally wanted an RC car!

But one advantage to having a birthday near Christmas is that EPIC movies get released. The Lord of the Rings movies all came out on or around my birthday and now I get to celebrate Star Wars!

So here’s the plan for next weekend:

Thursday December 17th

Afternoon – Go with Mom to pick up my wedding dress!

Evening – Go to the Air and Space museum for their Star Wars celebration

11pm – Go to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Friday December 18th

7am – Go to work, completely exhausted but it’s the last day of school before break, so it won’t be too strenuous

Afternoon – Come home and take a nap

Evening – See Star Wars again?


Saturday December 19th – My Birthday!

Morning – Sleep

Afternoon – Spend several hours deciding which Star Wars themed outfit to wear and then freak out that I’ve done zero prep work

Evening – Star Wars Themed Birthday Party! Eat until I feel like Jabba the Hutt, remember the wedding dress, and cry.


All in all, it’s going to be a glorious weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 6.06.00 PM

Sadly the force is not strong with my photoshopping skills.

Ahsoka Tano

Name: Ahsoka Tano


You hold that lightsaber however you want, girlfriend!

Fictional: Yes

Universe: Star Wars

Bio: Ahsoka is a skilled Jedi padawan assigned to Anakin Skywalker. She fights in the Clone Wars. She is clever, swift, and very headstrong.

Why I have a crush on her:

I have to give credit to Star Wars: Clone Wars; they do an awesome job of addressing sexism and feminism by not addressing it at all. Nobody ever points out differences between men and women, or treats either gender differently than the other, particularly in the Jedi Order. Women give commands same as the men, and the response is the same regardless of gender or alien species.

My favorite of the characters in Clone Wars is Ahsoka. As Anakin’s padawan she picks up a lot of his “bad” habits such as following her instinct and speaking her mind, but she does it always to protect others and complete her mission, unlike Anakin who often gets distracted by his relationship with Padme. Overall I think The Clone Wars is an excellent series, and almost all the characters are far more likeable than they are in the movies (except for Jar-Jar…he just sucks always). I haven’t seen Star Wars: Rebels yet, but as soon as I saw that she was in it, I knew I would have to!

Plus Ahsoka uses a reverse grip on her lightsabers, which is totally cool!

She Geek Issue #1

You know what this world needs? Another blog of course!

Welcome to the She Geek Diaries! I’ve been trying to figure out how to introduce this blog, but I’m not so great at organizing my thoughts (I know that bodes REALLY well for a form of media that relies on writing). So I figure the best way to get this thing off the ground is to answer some N.A.Q.s (Never Asked Questions).

Where did the name “She Geek” come from?

I’ve been reading The She-Hulk Diaries by Marta Acosta. It’s a fun read and I recommend it, but at one point She Hulk says, “Male is not the default superhero gender.” I thought that was a bit ironic coming from a character whose name is the female pronoun slapped in front of her male counterpart’s name.

So I’m choosing to honor She Hulk’s feminist ideals by stealing her patriarchal name. I realize it makes no sense, but there are far more important things going on in the world than superhero names.

Why did you choose to start a blog?

Because I wanted to.

How often will you post?

My aim is to post at least one diary entry a week. In addition there will be a “woman crush” every Wednesday.

What is this blog going to be about?

Everything. It’s a diary, so it’s whatever random thoughts come to my mind. I’ll try and relate most posts to geek culture, but some will just be about everyday life. There will probably be quite a few posts about wedding planning.

Did you say wedding planning?

I sure did! I’m getting married July 2016! My fiancé is also a huge geek (you can find his blog at ThereforeIGeek.com). We are planning a chic-geek wedding. It’s going to be quite fun!

Ok, but this is really going to be a blog about cosplaying, right?

Not every geek blog written by women centers around cosplaying. I do enjoy getting dressed up, and I’ll probably write a little bit about it, but if that’s what your into then there are much better blogs to follow.

So why should I follow your blog?

I have no idea.  Beacuse voyeurism has become a national pastime? Oh, and because I’ll post lots of pictures of my dog.

You have a dog?

Yes, and I’m mildly obsessed with him.


Yes, that’s an Ewok in his mouth.

I’m more of a cat person.

I also have two cats, but I haven’t had them for as long and they’re not as easy to dress up. Also, that wasn’t a question.

Let’s get back on topic. What fandoms are you into?

My biggest fandom is probably Disney, but I’m into everything.

-Star Wars


-Doctor Who



-Broadway Musicals

-Harry Potter


-Lots of other stuff that isn’t coming to mind right now


I think just about covers it.